Online Bonus Slots Games

Online Bonus Slots GamesBonus slots games are online casino slot machines that have some extra bonus features which are unlocked by forming a specific combination on the reels. These bonus features are some sort of mini games that are not only fun to play, but also give a great chance of winning more money from the game, like free spins, multipliers, and free cash from a mini game. Hence, the games are termed bonus slots, and their featured bonus games happen to be among the best aspects of any slots game.

Two general types of bonus features are known in the slots games. These are the Reel Based and Non-Reel Based bonus games.

Reel Based Bonus Games

Reel based bonus games are those that occur on the slot reels. If you get three or more of a feature icon on an enabled payline, you can trigger these bonuses. While the feature is active, your game will be paused momentarily. There are several types of reel based bonus games, in which they are usually simple, yet have a very significant impact on your game if you win them.

Free Spins – you are rewarded with a number of free spins, whenever you form three or more feature icons, commonly termed as Scatter Symbols. Thus, you are saved of a number of wagers from your bankroll, and can still have a chance of winning more money without risking anything. This is because a multiplier is applied in most free spins, in which your winnings will be multiplied by a certain number, like 3 or 5.

Cascades – Players are given the chance of winning more money by removing the icons in a winning payline and replacing them with new icons, thus, doubling the chance of your payouts.

Hold n’ Spin – a bonus game that allows you to keep some reels in position while letting others to spin. This bonus feature also doubles the chance of winning more cash or another bonus.

Wild Features – commonly termed as Wild Symbols. These are icons that can be substituted to any icon on the reels, and help create a winning combination in an enabled payline.

Symbol Slide – this feature allows you to slide a certain symbol across the reels.

Non-Reel Based Bonus Games

Online Bonus Slots GamesNon-reel based bonus games offer much more sophisticated and exciting graphics and game play than the reel based ones. Upon activating the bonus feature by forming the required combination on the reels, a new window will be opened, and a sort of a new mini game can be played, in which you can also win more prizes. There seems to be no limit with regards to the themes used in the games, but most of them fall on a similar idea.

Wheel of Fortune – you spin the wheel on the mini game, and you will be awarded with whatever prize is indicated when the wheel stops. Depending on the slots game, you can spin the wheel in a number of times.

Pick a Box – you have to pick from a few “boxes” and will be rewarded with whatever is on the box that you pick. There are some slots that have multiple levels in picking a box.

Pick Until Pop – you have to keep picking from a collection of concealed items and continue to gather what are beneath them, until you have picked a “pooper” or a “booby” icon, that ends the mini game.